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What Can I Power With a 1250kVA Generator?

If you require enough electricity to power a mine, construction site or emergency rescue operation, a 1250kVA diesel generator is built to deliver. Providing a substantial amount of electricity that’s easy to apply across a range of applications, this is a heavy-duty generator made for heavy-duty businesses.

A generator’s kVA (kilovolt-amps) describes the total volume of power the system uses. You can calculate the kVA (unit measuring apparent power) into kW (unit measuring real power). But for the purposes of power generation, the higher the kVA, the more power you get.

Does a 1250kVA generator’s fuel consumption match its higher electrical output? What about specs, safety measures and tips for best usage?

A good generator is reliable, versatile, scalable and able to be used across a wide range of industry applications. To get the most out of a generator, it should also be well-maintained, and it’s essential to have a strong support network if anything goes wrong. Even if you usually operate from another source of power, there are always advantages to having a standby generator on hand. From markets to film festivals and major events to major infrastructure, a 1250kVA diesel generator is built to provide a consistently high level of power when you simply can’t afford to take chances.

1250kVA Diesel Generator Specs

Like all generators, 1250kVA generators are diverse. In general, however, they tend to run on diesel fuel and be in the 12 to 16-cylinder range. At Total Generators, we have the Cummins Powerbox C1250D2RCC-1 1250kVA diesel generator, which comes with the following features:

Adjustable control panel

The control panel lets you monitor and take charge of the generator’s settings and features.

Exhaust gas spark arrestor

A spark arrestor prevents the emission of debris from the exhaust gas, reducing the risk of a fire.

Manual and auto-start options

Both manual and automatic start options serve their own particular purposes. A Cummins Powerbox C1250D2RCC-1 1250kVA diesel generator provides you with the best of both worlds. The manual option is excellent for fuel efficiency, control and reduced wear and tear. Automatic is ideal when you need an emergency power supply and in remote locations and unmanned areas.

Cummins engine

Cummins engines set standards for efficiency and performance with all the power and torque you require. 

Fully integrated power system

Take control of various components of your generator easily with a digital control panel that allows easy monitoring of the generator.

Of course, these features aren’t the only important factors when choosing the right generator. What is a 1250kVA generator’s fuel consumption like? How much does a 1250kVA diesel generator cost? And what safety measures do you need to apply when operating a generator of this power output?

Safety Measures for 1250kVA Generators

Safety precautions for very high kVA generators are much the same as the safety measures for any other kind of generator. If not properly operated and maintained, these machines can be dangerous. While generator safety is a massive topic to get into on its own, here are some basic principles regarding the operation of a 1250kVA diesel generator:

Follow safety instructions, manufacturer’s guidelines and local laws

This one is common sense. Follow any safety precautions from the generator’s manufacturer and check local rules regarding its installation.

Keep the generator outside

Make sure you use the generator in a well-ventilated area and never operate it inside. Generators emit carbon monoxide, and running one indoors can cause death in as little as five minutes. Depending on your workplace settings, it can also be worth investing in a carbon monoxide smoke alarm too.

Follow proper lockout/tagout procedures

This will prevent the generator from accidentally starting up when you’re working on or around it.

Use personal protective equipment (PPE)

This helps keep you and your workers safe from hazards ranging from CO poisoning to hearing damage.

Inspect the exhaust system regularly

This helps to prevent leakage and maintain proper functioning.

Maintain the generator regularly

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines and conduct routine inspections of components such as the alternator, the engine and the fuel system.

Properly train staff

Ensure that each member of your team is properly trained on the usage of your high kVA generator and aware of any hazards and risks.

Ensure the generator stays dry

Do not use your generator in wet conditions or touch it when your hands are wet. Operate it on a dry surface under a canopy.

Don’t refuel a warm generator

Make sure your generator has had the chance to cool down after use before you add more fuel to the tank.

Additional Tips for 1250kVA Generators

To get the best possible performance out of your 1250kVA diesel generator, here are some general guidelines to observe:

Use high-quality fuel

Keeping a 1250kVA generator’s fuel consumption efficient is a high priority, and Total Generators helps make that process easier for you. You can hire one of our generators with a Fuel Management Plan Bundle that includes an easy generator “set and forget” refuelling service.

A 1250kVA generator’s fuel consumption levels are affected by a range of factors, including load level and maintenance. You can help by using fuel of a higher standard and by avoiding running the generator higher than its rated capacity.

Use correct sizing

Make sure the generator is the right size for the intended load. Generators with less kVA will struggle to handle the demands of larger loads. 1250kVA generators, on the other hand, are built for large loads but can suffer diminished performance if you use them for smaller power loads.

Check the automatic voltage regulation (AVR)

The AVR keeps the voltage output stable. Regularly check and calibrate the AVR according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you’re concerned about how much a 1250kVA diesel generator costs, rest assured there are affordable options out there for you – no matter how remote the location you’re working in.

Hire 1250kVA Diesel Generators at Total Generators

If you have a project that requires a hefty amount of power, hire a Cummins Powerbox C1250D2RCC-1 1250kVA diesel generator from Total Generators. We provide 1250kVA diesel generators at costs that provide value for money.

Our range of first-class generators is the preferred choice for many professionals in safety-focused industries throughout Australia, including mines, railways, energy stations and substations. Our high kVA generators have powered large mining projects and diesel power stations as well as providing emergency power for Queensland after storms.

A national company with over 25 years of experience powering Australian projects, Total Generators offers customised solutions rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach. We provide both long-term and short-term solutions for your power needs. With locations in Brisbane, Cloncurry, Moranbah and Katherine, NT, we’re accessible in all kinds of rural, remote and off-the-grid locations.

In keeping with the round-the-clock nature of generator usage, we provide 24/7 emergency support if you experience any problems. If you have a project in mind and you need some help assessing your power needs, contact the Total Generators team.

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