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Generator Hire & Sales Moranbah, QLD

12 O’Neill St, Moranbah Qld 4744

Proudly Servicing Moranbah in Central Queensland

Located in East Central Queensland, Total Generators provides power supply products and generator services in and around Moranbah from our depot.
Areas we service in and around Moranbah include Clermont, Mackay, Nebo and Rockhampton.
At Total Generators, we are dedicated to supporting community groups in the areas we work. We currently engage with the community by sponsoring the local AFL team and junior AFL club.
We also help by participating in a school leavers program to prepare young people for job interviews in the industry. We find our sponsorship opportunities through the council to ensure we serve the town community in the most helpful way possible.
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Our Projects In & Around Moranbah

Ongoing projects and completed projects we have worked on in and around Moranbah and East Central Queensland include








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All our products are available for hire from our Moranbah depot

Don’t waste time waiting for power supply products to reach you from across QLD or Australia when you can easily get them from our depot.
Located in East Central Queensland, our depot and highly experienced staff provides a range of products and services to businesses, organisations and mines in Moranbah and the surrounding region. Some of the most popular products and services we offer at Total Generators include

Popular for their fuel efficiency and reliability, a diesel generator is our most common product for hire. No matter the size of your event, business or mine/construction site, we have a diesel generator for all needs.

Want to hire a generator that is easy to move and transport? A trailer-mounted generator is your best option, no matter the project.

Want to put on a fantastic event while reducing your carbon footprint? Our solar generators for hire are your best choice. We’ve partnered with Portagrid to provide a source of power that can be utilised anywhere.

If you need to power high-voltage equipment, the best choice of action is to hire a power transformer. We have a range of power transformers for hire to ensure your power supply is kept under control.

If you’re using a generator to power different appliances and devices, the best thing to do is also to hire a distribution board. From single-phase boards to three-phase boards, we have something for every event or project.

Complete your generator hire package by also hiring cables and cable jackets. We have everything you need, from standard power cables to high-voltage ones.

Our experienced consultants can complete power station services to ensure your set-up remains operational with a range that includes installation, testing, commissioning and more.

Used to test the performance of generators, load banks can be hired from Total Generators. Our technicians can install a load bank on your site and advise the best means to optimise your power supply.

As an alternative to generator hire, hiring a fuel cell is a great option for environmentally-sensitive sites needing a steady power supply. Total Generators offer fuel cell hire for a variety of applications, including powering worksites, businesses and events.

When you get everything you need for your event or project from our Total Generators depot in Moranbah, you can guarantee they’ll arrive on time every time.

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Where around Moranbah can you hire generators and power supply from Total Generators?

At Total Generators, we provide customers with generator hire and power supply services across Moranbah, QLD and Australia.
Some of the locations we frequently provide equipment and services to around our East Central Queensland base include

Why choose Total Generators in Moranbah?

When you need to hire a generator or get power supply services, why should you choose Total Generators in Moranbah?
Our team has worked together for over ten years to provide quality power supply equipment and services to businesses, organisations and worksites across East Central Queensland.
Our experienced and knowledgeable team in QLD can help you find the right equipment or services to power your event, worksite or business.
If you aren’t sure which generator is right for you or which service you need, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer any questions you may have and help you find the right product or service to ensure your project or event runs as smoothly as possible.
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