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The Top Industries Who Benefit From A Backup Diesel Generator

Backup diesel generators have a well-established reputation as being reliable machines, and many situations call for their level of power.

Homeowners can rely on diesel-powered backup generators to keep the lights on and run important household equipment during storms and blackouts. These durable generators work well in tough conditions like freezing temperatures and are cheaper to run than gas. Diesel generators also prove their resilience in the non-stop, competitive world of industry, protecting your business’s productivity and sometimes the safety of your people. If you need a mining standby generator, a hospital backup generator or a standby generator for construction, diesel power delivers.

Emergency backup generators are used in many different industries, from mining, construction, and factories to oil and gas, as well as entertainment, healthcare and tourism. When keeping the power on is important to the work, diesel generators are built to handle large power loads–even in areas that are off-grid or where the power supply is sketchy.

Mining Backup Generators

Mines tend to be in remote locations, which makes the reliability of diesel-powered mining standby generators even more vital. The fact that most mines are so far away from population centres and grids means power outages and voltage variations are more common than in other industries.  When you can’t rely on the grid, diesel generators more than adequately fill the gap by being cheaper than petrol, low-maintenance and built to handle large power loads.

Mining standby generators need to be the right size to suit the power demands of mining facilities and equipment. They should also be able to scale up if the operation grows or if more power is required. As a mining professional, your other considerations should be your fuel supply and storage, legal and environmental requirements, and how you can seamlessly integrate the generator with the power distribution system in the mine. When you need help selecting the right type of mining standby generator, Total Generators is happy to help you.  

Construction Backup Generators

The industry broadly involves the creation of buildings and infrastructure, from homes and commercial buildings to bridges and highways. On construction sites, generators come in handy for powering commonly used machines such as concrete mixers, excavators, power tools, air compressors and temporary offices and facilities. Having a standby generator for construction jobs is particularly important because you may not always be able to access utility power, and access to power may become less certain as the size of a construction project grows.

The benefits of standby generators for construction include continuous operation around the clock, even during power outages and other unforeseen events, and the versatility to power a number of construction devices.

Industrial Backup Generators

In environments like mines and oil rigs, you need a generator that can handle tough conditions and provide a reliable source of power for you no matter what. Industrial generators are very similar to commercial generators but built for rugged conditions, including wild weather, with up to two megawatts of power at their disposal. The strength and dependability of industrial backup generators make them common in manufacturing plants, data centres, cell towers and commercial buildings.

Industrial generators are sought after for their fuel efficiency, high power capacity, adaptability, and remote control capability. They ensure that even heavy-duty, power-hungry operations continue to run at all times.  

Healthcare Industry Backup Generators

A hospital backup generator does more than just keep the power running: it can save lives. It takes an incredible generator to handle such incredible responsibility.

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals house a huge amount of vital, life-saving equipment, including life support machines, refrigerators that contain medicines, diagnostic imaging systems and ventilators. In the case of an emergency, hospitals need a staggering amount of power to keep running. It takes a quality hospital backup generator to provide that power.

Backup generators for healthcare facilities ensure that vulnerable patients continue to receive uninterrupted medical care during power outages. This is important not just for patient safety but also for legal compliance. A secondary (but not insignificant) advantage is that on days when power demand skyrockets, a medical centre’s backup generators can reduce running costs by taking some load off the grid.

Even healthcare facilities that don’t provide emergency care can benefit from having backup generators on standby. These facilities are often hubs for community health, and keeping them open can benefit those who need urgent and non-urgent care.

Commercial Backup Generators

Losing power to your business for even a few hours can mean a substantial loss of revenue. Commercial backup generators safeguard your livelihood and your reputation against all the hazards that come from sudden power loss: spoiled inventory (especially food), leakage of data and business assets, and breaches of regulatory compliance. A backup generator will keep productivity and protection high so that you can continue to excel in your field.

Commercial backup generators protect various facilities across various industries: data centres, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and office buildings. If productivity is important to your industry and loss of power hurts your bottom line, commercial backup generators deliver the goods.

Communications Industry Backup Generators

In our increasingly connected world, it’s easy to take electronic communications for granted and only think about them when they’re gone. Yet power is necessary to keep communication open, and sometimes you need a good backup generator to ensure it continues to flow.

Backup generators for cellular towers, data centres, base stations and other telecommunications facilities have a host of benefits. Phone and Internet users enjoy uninterrupted connectivity. Those who need help can contact emergency services, and service providers keep customers happy, among other advantages.

Benefit From a Backup Generator with Total Generators

With the right diesel backup generator, your business can stand strong against all kinds of unexpected events, from power outages and surges to natural disasters and equipment failure. Total Generators is here to help you protect your productivity, critical infrastructure and reputation by being your one-stop mining power provider. With our partners in power like Power Generation, Scania, Powerlink, Denyo and Pramac Group, we provide mining standby generators for sale.

Our construction and industrial generators suit all kinds of budgets and project sizes. With over 25 years of experience powering industries in Australia (including remote and off-grid locations), we design custom solutions rather than relying on a stock-standard approach. For many clients in the mining, construction, film production, and other industries, we’re the go-to generator supplier.  

For help finding the right mining standby generator, contact the Total Generators team

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