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Emergency backup generator

The Importance of an Emergency Backup Generator

It’s important to have a plan B. There are many situations that you want to prepare for in advance, and one of them is losing power. An emergency backup generator provides a power source during an outage so that the machinery, tools, appliances and electronics in your home, office or worksite continue functioning normally.

An emergency backup generator is a necessary and widely used piece of equipment in all kinds of industries, not just the ones with perishable goods like restaurants, distribution centres and processing facilities. Industries ranging from hospitality and tourism (hotels, amusement parks, casinos) to entertainment (concerts, music festivals, film crews) to power, telecommunications and government services all benefit from having an emergency power supply system for the building. With a backup generator, you don’t have to worry about spoiled food, compromised safety, lost business or any other power failure hazards.  

Whether you’re looking for emergency power backup for your home, an emergency power supply system for your building or both, it’s important to choose the right generator. Generators can differ greatly in size, wattage and the fuel they run on.

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Different Types of Backup Generators

There are many things to consider when choosing the right generator, including your purpose, power requirements, fuel availability and budget. Here are some of the most common kinds of generators that can provide emergency power backup when your home or worksite requires it:

Portable generators

Generally powered by propane, gas or solar, portable generators pack less power than stationary ones but make up for it by being far easier to transport. Portable generators are handy when camping or powering small devices like household appliances. They’re also a reliable choice for small jobs around the worksite, such as running power tools. Relief agencies commonly use them during natural disasters as well.

Standby generators

On the other end of the spectrum is the standby generator, a semi-permanent fixture providing an emergency power supply system for the building. With commercial-grade engines and larger-size fuel tanks, standby generators can power an entire home or worksite.

Inverter generators

Inverter generators produce electricity in three distinct phases, leading to a stable output perfect for sensitive electronic devices. Commonly used in the home or caravans, these machines operate quieter than many generators and protect your devices from power surges.

Gas generators

Gasoline is the most commonly used fuel for generators, and gas generators are both affordable and easy to use. They also tend to be mostly portable and lightweight. Most portable and inverter generators are powered by gasoline.

Diesel generators

Efficient, long-lasting and easy to maintain, diesel-powered generators are perfect for use in industrial environments or freezing temperatures.  They also reliably supply emergency power backups for homes.

Solar generators

Solar generators are an environmentally friendly option with an ongoing source of free renewable fuel. Usually, they come equipped with their own solar panels. Solar hybrid generators provide renewable energy with diesel power kicking in during periods of high demand or extended overcast weather.

Most of these generators are both suitable for the home and the workplace.

Benefits of Having a Backup Generator

The main benefit of having an emergency backup generator is, of course, continuous power even in the event of an outage. If you lose power in your home or workplace, the backup generator will kick in within 10 seconds to supply electricity to the circuits. Emergency power backup for your home allows you to continue to enjoy your living space uninterrupted.

To get more specific, some of the biggest benefits of having a backup generator on hand include:

Continual power supply

No matter how prolonged the power surge, an emergency backup generator guarantees that important appliances and items like refrigerators and medical equipment can continue to operate.

Preserved perishable goods

When power is maintained, food and other goods that must be kept at a certain temperature don’t expire.

Climate control

Backup generators maintain the operation of heating and air conditioning systems, which is particularly vital if you live or work in an area with extreme weather conditions (for example, much of Australia).


Being left in the dark with no lights, security system, and no cameras in operation can put you in a vulnerable position at work or home. A backup generator maintains your security settings and helps to deter intruders.

Increased home resale value

A house with a backup generator attached on a semi-permanent basis is valuable and has the potential to fetch a higher real estate resale price.

Peace of mind

Fortunately, power outages may not happen very often or even at all. But knowing that you have plans to deal with the worst-case scenario can put your mind at ease.

If you need help finding the right size backup generator for your home, discuss your household power needs with Total Generators, and we’ll help you make an informed decision.

Why Are Backup Generators Important For Businesses?

If you want to protect your business, it’s essential to have an emergency power supply system for your building. Benefits of an emergency backup generator for your livelihood include:

Continual operations

With a backup generator, you can continue to operate your business during a power outage without losing revenue or straining your relationships with clients or customers.

Protection of equipment

A backup generator stops power interruptions from causing damage to sensitive equipment.

Compliance with regulations

There are some industries where it’s critically important (even legally required) to have a backup power supply. Having an emergency generator can stop you from falling foul of regulations and dealing with legal consequences.

Ability to handle emergency situations

In some environments, such as hospitals, losing power without backup puts lives at risk. Having a backup generator is essential when emergency services are involved.

Protection of your reputation

Even if losing power for a few hours puts nobody’s life at risk, your reputation is on the line. All it takes is a few comments from fed-up customers in public forums for your public image to take a dive. If you want to protect your credibility and your reputation for being a reliable choice, invest in a backup power generator.

Get Emergency Backup Generators at Total Generators

When it comes to keeping the power on through a blackout, you need the most reliable option you can find. Total Generators specialises in equipment that exceeds the Australian Electrical Standard, and our generators are trusted by some of the most strictly safety-focused industries in the country: mines, railways, energy stations, defence and more.

Our comprehensive range of generators for hire includes such a wide range of options it’s easy for you to find the right emergency backup generator for your worksite. Our range includes (but isn’t limited to) trailer-mounted generators, diesel generators and solar hybrid generators.Whether for your home or work area, it’s never too early to prepare yourself with an emergency backup generator. Contact the Total Generators team so we can assess your power supply needs and supply you with the best generator for the job.

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