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Solar hybrid generators

The Economic and Environmental Benefits of Solar Hybrid Generators

In a country with as much sunshine as Australia, it makes sense to make the most of it. When you harness solar power, you use a renewable source that helps you look after the environment and save money in your budget.  

Solar generators can meet the needs of the mining industry and power all kinds of other operations, from pharmaceutical labs to tech companies. A comparative study between a hybrid pump-as-turbine/solar pilot system (PAT-PV) and a standard diesel generator in southern Spain showed using the hybrid decreased the environmental impact by up to 45 times. Over a 20-year period, results revealed reduced climate change impact, fossil fuels and dissipated water burdens plus lower operating costs.   

With renewable energy in demand, Total Generators is committed to staying ahead of the pack. Our sustainable solar and diesel generator hybrids combine two kinds of commonly used energy. Consisting of solar panels, inverters, batteries and backup diesel generators, they provide you with a 24/7 source of power that holds up in all kinds of conditions.

The solar hybrid generator’s environmental impact and low costs benefit your business in various ways. Total Generators’ hybrids integrate these benefits with the reliability and simplicity of our most popular units: our diesel generators. As a result, our renewable energy generators are always equipped to meet your power needs, whatever comes your way.

What Are Solar Hybrid Generators?

Solar hybrid generators are generators that combine power generated from photovoltaic (PV) cells with another energy source like diesel or gas. PV cells convert photons (light) from the sun into voltage (electricity), a process called the photovoltaic effect. Sustainable solar and diesel generator hybrid is the most common fuel combination these generators use.  

Usually, these renewable energy generators are made up of solar panels, inverters to change the current as necessary, charge controllers and lithium-ion batteries for storing energy.

The two power sources support one another. At times of high energy load, the PV power can meet additional energy needs and reduce the amount of diesel fuel consumed. When the solar and batteries can no longer generate electricity due to factors like an extended cloudy period or a demand that exceeds battery power, the diesel power ensures that operations remain running.

The advantages of this two-pronged approach to energy generation lie in the solar hybrid generator’s environmental and economic impact. Here is the Total Generators rundown on the benefits of both.

The Environmental Benefits

Australia’s warm, sunny climate makes it an ideal place to embrace the benefits of solar power, and research suggests solar is this country’s future energy option of choice. Compared to other forms of energy like fossil fuels, the environmental impact of solar hybrid generators is minimal. Benefits to the environment from using sustainable solar and diesel generator hybrids include:

Fewer emissions

As solar is a clean and renewable energy source, using it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than relying on diesel alone.

No air pollution

Unlike diesel and other fuels, solar energy doesn’t produce exhaust gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx). As a result, it doesn’t leak pollutants into the air and the soil.

No energy wasted

Solar hybrid generators are so efficient that they don’t even let renewable energy go to waste. A renewable energy generator supplies the correct amount of energy for the load and feeds excess energy back into the batteries for later use.

The Economic Benefits

In addition to the positive environmental impact of solar hybrid generators, there are benefits for the bottom line of your business, too:

Reduced costs

By using a free source of energy, you can significantly reduce the amount of money spent on diesel generator fuel. Solar panels generate the most electricity when it’s sunny, often when energy usage is also at its highest. By making solar power a regular part of your day-to-day usage, you help to keep your running costs down.

Low maintenance

Diesel generators require periodic maintenance, including fuel refilling and engine lubrication, which involve time and money. Solar hybrid generators require less maintenance, reducing your budget expenses and allowing you to allocate your time in more productive ways.  


Diesel power often requires a little help in certain weather conditions or when power loads are exceptionally high. Due to the extra power stored in their batteries, hybrid solar generators can fill the gap. Likewise, solar power can be limited when the weather has been overcast for several days, and the power stored in the battery has been exhausted. In that case, diesel keeps the operation running.

Business Reputation

Solar hybrid generators’ environmental impact can also improve your company’s reputation in the community. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainable technology and reducing your own emissions shows that you’re a company invested in the environment and the future.

Additional Benefits to Solar Hybrid Generators

Advantages that don’t strictly fall into the categories of solar hybrid generators’ environmental impacts or economic benefits include:

A more portable PV system

The solar panels on a hybrid generator don’t have to be as large as those on a purely solar-powered generator. This makes it much easier to hire a solar hybrid generator and tow it away without hassle.

Electricity in remote areas

In remote or off-grid areas with little to no access to the regular power supply, hybrid solar generators allow you to generate power from nature.

Power for large loads

A hybrid generator allows you to power larger operations and projects than a solar one alone.

A solar hybrid generator has positive environmental impacts and benefits for your budget and team. But how much you get out of a solar hybrid generator depends on a range of factors, including your location, energy requirements and the quality of the generator you hire. When it comes to power, you don’t want to compromise on quality. Hiring a generator from a company you can trust is essential.

Hire Solar Hybrid Generators at Total Generators

Are you looking for a first-class renewable energy generator? Total Generators provides the best sustainable solar and diesel generator hybrids Australia-wide. Clients in strict safety-focused industries throughout the country, including defence, mining, railways, energy stations and substations, prefer our range of generators for hire.

Our hybrid solar generators for hire include modular transportable container and towable trailer-mounted units with the latest in solar, battery, inverter and generation technology. They’re equipped with everything you need to run the generator 24/7. All you need to tow it away is a 4WD with 3000KG towing capacity.

A company with over 25 years of experience powering industries in Australia, Total Generators is a longstanding provider of solutions and results. Like the operations we assist with, our emergency support line is 24/7. If you ever need assistance, we’re only a phone call away.
With expert advice, routine service and maintenance as per OEM specifications and depots in Queensland and the Northern Territory, Total Generators meet the power needs of projects of all kinds. Our solar hybrid generators’ environmental impact keeps business sustainable while we do so. If you’re ready to find the right generator, contact us for a free quote.

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