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500kva generator

What A 500 kVA Generator Can Power

When you buy or rent a generator, it’s important to make sure it can meet all your power needs. Generators come in a wide range of sizes and types to power everything from a handful of devices during a blackout to large-scale industrial operations. 500 kVA generators are on the more powerful side of generators available on the market, built for the tougher tasks and conditions.

Kilovolt-ampere (kVA) is a unit of power used. It refers to how much power is in the system overall, while kW describes how much power is used. The discrepancy comes from the fact that no system is totally efficient and able to use every last drop of power. For all intents and purposes, kVA is what you’ll look at when discovering what size generator you need.

One kVA is equivalent to 1000 volt amps. Voltage is electrical pressure, amperage is electrical current, and the unit of apparent power is equal to volts plus amps.

When choosing a generator, it’s crucial to be precise about your size and power requirements. Too little power, and you’ll overload the generator and won’t be able to run all your facilities and appliances. Too much power and you can waste fuel, affect the machine’s efficiency, cause lube oil leakage and even overload the circuits in your appliances.

500 kVA generator power is perfect if you have a medium to large-sized job that requires a dependable diesel-fuelled generator.  

500 kVA Diesel Generator Specifications

Generators with 500 kVA power differ in specification according to the manufacturer and model. Yet they all have some common features beyond merely having the same power output. Their high kVA makes them ideal for powering a range of industries, including some heavy-duty jobs. They’re known for being tough and reliable enough to operate for extended periods. As they run on diesel fuel, they’re a lot more fuel-efficient than some of the other generators on the market. While prices vary, 500 kVA power generators tend to be moderately priced, cheaper than the largest generators on the market, but more expensive than smaller models.

Total Generators has two reliable, high-quality generators from two of the most highly regarded manufacturers on the market. Both the Scania 500kVA generator and the Cummins 500kVA generator include a silent canopy, a weather-resistant base frame, a control panel with an emergency stop button, accurate speed settings, and low fuel consumption.

What Can a 500 kVA Generator Power?

Choosing the right size generator for commercial or residential usage takes a lot of thought and planning and sometimes requires an energy audit of your business. The best way to assess what kind of generator you need is to add up the total electrical load of the appliances and equipment you’ll be powering. You can use Total Generators’ online power calculator if you need to convert units of measurement to make it easier.

So what can a 500 kVA generator power? 500 kVA generators are suitable as both main and backup power sources for many large-scale and industrial operations. Examples include mine sites, construction sites, markets, film sets, music festivals, food manufacturing facilities, hospitals, data centres, rail upgrade projects, shopping centres, airports, government buildings and oil and gas operations.

Some notable projects that Total Generators’ 500 kVA generators have been used for include the Cracow underground gold mine, the Incitec Pivot, Phosphate Hill turnaround shutdown, the MMG Dugald River Accommodation Village and the Sojitz Blue Minerva mine site.

500 kVA Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption

When it comes to hiring any type of generator, one of the most pressing concerns is how much use you’ll get out of it for the money you spend.

Diesel is widely known for being cost-effective and less prone to price fluctuations than other fuel sources. However, a 500 kVA diesel generator’s fuel consumption depends on the load at which it’s operating, the make and model of the generator, its efficiency and how well it has been maintained. However, on average, a 500 kVA diesel generator consumes approximately 36 litres of fuel per hour while operating at a quarter capacity, 62 litres at half-capacity, 90 litres at three-quarters of a load and 120-150 litres while operating on a full load.

Additional Information on 500 kVA Generators

Like all generators, diesel generators are versatile and useful pieces of equipment that serve a range of purposes and come in more than one shape and size. Diesel gas is reliable enough to power all kinds of operations and even to fill the gap when other fuel sources are unavailable or too expensive.

With a generator of this size capable of providing 500 kVA of energy under specified conditions, 500 kVA diesel generators are ideal as a source of power, particularly backup power, for medium to large-sized operations.

Modern 500 kVA diesel generators come equipped with cooling systems to maintain the optimal temperature at all times, as well as control panels to monitor the voltage, current, frequency and engine status of the generator. These generators sometimes also come with automatic start-up and shutdown functions.

Like all generators, there are responsibilities to consider when it comes to 500 kVA diesel generators. These generators require professional-quality installation with considerations for ventilation, fuel supply, electrical systems and exhaust. Regular maintenance is essential, including periodic inspections and oil and filter changes. Lastly, these units can make a fair bit of noise, so make sure to observe local noise regulations and ensure an adequate level of ventilation.

Hire a 500 kVA Diesel Generator from Total Generators

If you’re looking for a reliable 500 kVA diesel generator to hire, look no further than Total Generators. The preferred choice among many of Australia’s strictest safety-focused industries, Total Generators has 500 kVA generators to hire from leading brands Cummins and Scania.

At Total Generators, we endeavour to be the first choice for diesel generators to hire across a wide range of industries. We have diesel generators for industries like mines, energy stations, substations, railways and defence. Our super silent generators are perfect if you’re running a film set or a live production and need as much quiet on the premises as possible. You can take our trailer-mounted generators anywhere, while our solar hybrid generators offer a suite of renewable energy generation and storage systems. We also offer a selection of accessories to make your job easier: switchboards, transformers, fuel cells and loadbanks, among others.

Total Generators has more than 25 years of experience powering Australian industries, and over that time, we’ve become the generator supplier of choice for many professionals. Instead of turnkey solutions, we provide personalised solutions to meet your needs. We also offer routine servicing and maintenance, remote monitoring and 24/7 emergency response.

To find out more about a 500 kVA generator’s power and for help finding the right generator for your organisation, contact the Total Generators team

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