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What Can I Power with a 100kVA Diesel Generator?

If you’ve been looking at hiring one or more generators for an upcoming commercial or industrial project or possibly even an event, you’re probably wondering, ‘How does a generator work?’ especially a diesel generator. Something else you need to determine is what size and model of generator you’ll need to adequately power everything up. You won’t want to hire a generator that’s simply not up to the task and one that can’t handle the power demands placed on it. You also won’t want to spend extra hiring a generator that’s too big and powerful for your needs.

One of the most popular and versatile generator models you can hire is the 100kVA diesel generator. As you read on, you’ll learn more about diesel generators and their advantages, some vital stats, benefits and recommended uses of the 100kVA diesel generator, as well as important information on 100kVA generator fuel consumption.

Diesel generators are the preferred type of generator for commercial and industrial use, and to help you decide what generator is right for your needs, you’ll get a better idea once you know more about the 100kVA diesel generator and what it can be used for.

How Do Diesel Generators Work?

There are petrol-powered generators and diesel-powered generators on the market for sale or hire, but it’s diesel generators that are most often chosen for commercial projects. One reason for this is that diesel generators tend to be more low-maintenance than petrol ones. Fuel consumption is also generally a lot less. Diesel generators are robust and reliable, and they come in many different sizes to suit every application you can think of.

When it comes to diesel power, how does a generator work?Diesel generators convert mechanical energy into electrical power. The source of mechanical energy is provided by diesel fuel, which in turn powers up the diesel engine. As the engine rotates, alternators present in the diesel engine also rotate and produce electricity. This electricity is then fed through a wiring system and cables, sending power to the commercial or industrial site. How does a generator work? Just as your car’s engine produces electricity to charge the battery, the diesel generator engine produces electricity to provide adequate power for just about any application, whether it be a festival, a business, or backup power for a residential building.

What Can A 100kVA Diesel Generator Power?

The 100kVA diesel generator is considered to be one of the workhorses of any diesel generator-for-hire fleet. Being such a versatile model, just what can you power with the 100kVA generator, and what is the 100kVA generator fuel consumption?

What is kVA?

First, a little about ‘kVA’. It’s an abbreviation for ‘kilo-volt-amperes’. The higher the kVA a diesel generator has, the more power output the generator can produce. Generators that are running 10kVA or 20kVA are more suited to residential and recreational use, such as backup power for the home or producing electricity to provide power for an RV. However, even these smaller generators can be used commercially for situations that don’t require more robust power generation. Anything above 50kVA is generally better suited to commercial and industrial applications and larger projects that are going to consume more electricity.

What the 100kVA diesel generator can power

This size generator is often chosen as a backup power source for industrial operations and as a power backup source for large domestic buildings. It is also a go-to generator size to provide electricity for industrial heating.

If your upcoming project is a music festival or a similar event, having a range of 100kVA generators on-site will provide enough power to run everything the event needs, along with the reliability you require. In fact, 100kVA generators can quite easily handle the demands of medium to large-sized sites or events.

This versatile generator can be used to provide power to mining sites, construction sites, markets, schools, fairgrounds, festivals, food manufacturing plants, factories, quarries, breweries, powering machinery, small medical facilities and much more. Not only is this generator very versatile and powerful, it’s also extremely reliable and low-maintenance. Downtime is quite rare when operating a diesel-powered 100kVA generator.

100kVa diesel generator fuel consumption

What about the all-important 100kVA generator fuel consumption? Is this generator economical? Larger generators, such as the 100kVA model, tend to operate more efficiently than smaller generators. How much fuel the generator will consume per hour depends on the generator’s capacity to produce electricity and the load being placed on the generator. Under full load, with the generator running continuously, you could expect to consume approximately 22-24 litres of diesel fuel per hour, although this can vary. If the generator is not operating under full load, fuel consumption will naturally be less. As you can see, the 100kVA generator fuel consumption is quite fuel-efficient

Other features of a 100kVA diesel generator

Some other key features of this generator model include:

  • A panel window for easy viewing
  • A generator with lockable doors and silent weather-resistant canopy
  • Powerful turbo diesel engines
  • An exhaust silencer
  • Auto start option
  • An emergency stop button located on the generator’s exterior
  • The generator is cooled by a radiator and fan
  • Fuel connection hose

Benefits of Using a 100kVA Diesel Generator

There are numerous benefits available to you when you choose the 100kVA diesel generator for your business or project.

This model’s versatility has been mentioned a number of times already, but this is one of the greatest assets of a generator of this size and capacity and the reason why it is such a popular choice. No matter what your application needs are, hiring one or more 100kVA generators will get the job done.

Diesel generators of all makes are known for being easy to maintain and highly reliable under constant use. To ensure your event, industrial site or other application maintains a constant source of uninterrupted power, you can rely heavily on the 100kVA model generator.

We’ve answered the question, ‘How does a generator work’ and also discovered that larger models tend to be more fuel-efficient and cost-effective than smaller generators. Therefore, by hiring or purchasing a 100kVA diesel generator, you’ll ultimately be saving money on running costs while still generating a generous supply of electricity in the process.

There are some added benefits you receive when you hire a 100kVA generator from Total Generators. For starters, we’ll perform routine maintenance and any necessary repairs. We’ll also put together a fuel management plan to ensure your generators are always fueled and operational for uninterrupted power, no matter what your project or requirements are.

Total Generators also has back-to-base monitoring for our generators out in the field. With 24/7 monitoring along with emergency support, you’ll have complete peace of mind when you hire a generator from Total Generators.

Hire a 100kVA Diesel Generator at Total Generators

For more information on the 100kVA diesel generator or any of the other generators in our robust fleet, get in touch today to speak with one of our expert staff members. One phone call is all it takes to have all of your most important questions answered. We’ll help you choose just the right generator for your needs, along with advice on how many generators you might need to adequately power up your site. You can rely on the team at Total Generators for a reliable and continuous source of electricity for your event, project or place of business.

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